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Authentic Transaction Worldwide !

The Cheap, Fast Way To Send Money Abroad ! We're part of something bigger, something that empowers over 250 million customers around the world to make secure online transactions every day. That’s a strength in numbers you can trust. And the best part is, if you have an account with PasMoney you can start sending money today !options right at your fingertips.

We charge as little as possible. No Hidden Costs

Send Cash For Pickup In An Instant

If the people you care for thousands of miles away need money, then send them a cash pickup online with PasMoney. It’s so easy – you can do it on your laptop or mobile.

Send Mobile Money To Your Loved Ones' Phones In An Instant

PasMoney is an electronic wallet service that’s available in over 80 countries. It works on smartphones and basic feature phones offering a good alternative to bank accounts.

Bank Transfer Instantly With PasMoney

We send over 130,000 bank transfers worldwide. But remember, a bank transfer is just one of four ways of sending with PasMoney.

Convert and hold 53 currencies.

Holding multiple currencies is completely free, and we use the real exchange rate to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Pas Token Coin Worth?
Today - discover how much 1 PAS COIN is worth in USD with converter, price chart, market cap, trade volume, historical data and more.
What is a multi-currency account and how does it work?
You can hold, receive, send, and spend money using a Pasmoney multi-currency account
You can hold more than 50 currencies, and convert between them at the real exchange rate whenever you need.
You can send money from your account to a bank account whenever you like — we'll charge a fixed fee when you do this, and a conversion fee when you send to a different currency
And, you can spend the currencies in your account around the world with the PasMoney debit card. Find out if the PasMoney card is available in your country.
Can I hold multiple currencies in a PasMoney account?
You can add money to your account in 19+ currencies and hold 50+ currencies.
What is a multi-currency card?
The PasMoney debit card lets you spend money around the world with low conversion fees and zero transaction fees. It’s currently available for multi-currency account-holder residents in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia,Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland and EEA.

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